Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Join us each Sunday during coronavirus quarantine, live on YouTube!

To access the Livestream simply click this link: Maricopa Springs Livestream

The streaming will go live on Sunday at 10am.  

Many smart TV’s, or TV streaming devices (Roku, AppleTV, Chromecast, etc) have a YouTube app, allowing you to access the stream on your living room TV.  In that case, you should be able to search for “Maricopa Springs Live: Sermon on the Mount Part 1” and find the channel yourself.  A computer or smart-phone will also enable you to participate with us.

If as a church body, we can you serve you in any way through this time of isolation—with prayer, food, or anything else you need—please email me and let me know.  We have several people eager to help in any way we can. (



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  • what we believe & teach

    To be called a church means that we believe and teach the truth of the gospel. As followers of Jesus we hold firm to the God-breathed scriptures known as the Bible. Jesus said that he is the way, the truth, and the life. We take very seriously the duty of guarding and proclaiming the freedom found only by faith in Christ. Please take the time to read through our statement of faith.

  • sunday & other days of the week

    We gather every Sunday morning at 10 am (High School Multi-Purpose Room, 19218 N. Taft Ave Maricopa, AZ 85139) for the purpose of larger corporate worship and encouragement. During this gathering we spend time singing to our great God, praying together, and hearing the scriptures proclaimed. We also take time to fellowship before and after we meet with coffee and other snacks. Throughout the week we gather in smaller, house church settings where we can spend more time caring for one another and spurring one another on in the gospel of Christ. Learn more

  • discipleship & ministries

    When Jesus started his earthly ministry his mission was to make disciples [followers] of himself. After Jesus rose from the dead he commissioned his disciples to go out and proclaim his gospel through which more followers of Christ would be made. The command Jesus gave was to baptize and teach others to follow him. Our main focus at MSFC is to obey Jesus in proclaiming his gospel to others while we teach and root each disciple in the riches of Christ. Regardless of your season of life or schedule we have many ministries taking place to get you plugged in.

What to expect on a Sunday

  • A non-denominational church gathering where people love one another.
  • A church that welcomes anyone to come and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • A church that teaches the Bible with authority and compassion.
  • A church that provides childcare for Elementary school children and a nursery for babies. 
  • A church without a formal dress code, so wear whatever makes you comfortable. 
  • A church that wants people to read the Bible for themselves. We encourage you to bring your Bible if you have one. If not, come anyway and we'd be happy to give you a Bible! 
  • A church that sings to our Savior with joyful and sincere hearts.
  • We meet every Sunday, 10am, at the High School Multi-Purpose Room, 19218 N Taft Ave, Maricopa 85139. We hope to see you there!