Rightnow MEDIA

We’re excited to give you free access to rightnow MEDIA, a wonderful library of video resources for all ages from churches and pastors all across the country, to help you develop and grow as a disciple of Jesus. Streaming directly to your computer, tablet, or mobile device, you’ll find the online Bible Study Library includes relevant content for every age group or spiritual season.

You can search by category, topic, or speaker. Additionally, many of the series have direct links to workbooks and leader guides. Parents, you’ll find that rightnow has a multitude of videos and resources for your kids. 

How to gain access

Click HERE to be directed to the website for rightnow MEDIA to sign up. 

OR, scan the QR Code on the left to download the app. 

OR, text RIGHTNOW MSFC to 41411 to be sent a link to download the app.