Worship@Home is designed to help parents facilitate family worship and engage in spiritual formation in the context of the family.  Below you will find some basic steps to cultivate this home worship, as well as some resources to help you.  If you're not able to participate in the various groups that Maricopa Springs offers, then consider your family a group and use the Worship@Home format to disciple your children.

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Getting Started...

Suggested Scenarios:

  1. You are near the beginning of your spiritual walk and you are working on the fundamentals

    •   Start small: 1 or 2 times/week. 5 minutes each day
    •   Read the devotion together, answer the questions
    •   Pray together
    •   Could be done after dinner/breakfast or at bedtime
  2. You have been walking with Jesus for a little while and you are ready to go a little deeper

    •   Designate 3 or 4 times/week. 10 minutes each day
    •   Read the devotion together, read the correlating scriptures together, discuss the questions and talk about       practical ways you see God working in your lives.
    •   Pray together-take turns, pray for someone outside your family (church, friend, neighbor, coworker, etc.)
    •   Using mealtimes or bedtime can be convenient
  3. You have a well-established walk with Jesus and you are ready to help others on their journey

    •   Designate time (20 minutes or more) each day
    •   Use the suggested devotions, correlating scriptures, concordances, etc. to gain a deeper understanding of what God is pointing you toward. Look for connections to other scriptures and sharing how God is revealing himself in your lives, discussing how you can grow closer to Him.
    •   Pray together; taking time to pray for others such as your family, community, the world, and for those that have wronged you, etc.
    •   Set a designated time for family worship outside of other activities.
    •   Schedule time regularly to serve others as a family (helping someone in church, in the community, at a charitable organization, etc.) This could be monthly, quarterly, etc. as best fits your family.


The following are a list of recommended resources which you can purchase and use to do discipleship at home.  We have a copy of each of these resources available every Sunday at a table in our worship center, if you would like to look through a psyical copy.

Big Truths for Little Kids

This book is great for children in kindergarten and younger. This book shares truths about God, practical implications of life’s purpose, and points out our need for God’s grace in order to glorify Him. Each session contains about 5 questions with answers (catechisms) along with a story to help children understand the ideas practically. Each session is short enough to complete at the dinner table, contains discussion questions, and should take no more than 10 minutes.

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The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New

This book is great for all ages. There is a parent guide at the beginning that includes suggestions on how to use this. For younger children, it can be used as a story to inform them of the truths of our God and expand their vocabulary. For older children, this is a great introduction to systematic theology in an easy-to-understand way. Each section is about 4 pages, beautifully illustrated, and contains scriptures that can be used for memorization and deeper understanding. Additionally, there is a music CD (The Ology; Sovereign Grace) that can be purchased separately and is also available through most streaming music services.

Click here for the book on Amazon.

Click here for the CD on Amazon.

Essential Truths of The Christian Faith

This is a great book for a crowd of 6th grade and older. There are 102 sessions that cover topics of Christian doctrine from the Nature and attributes of God, Jesus Christ, Salvation, Spirituality and Living in this age, End times, and much more. Each session contains about 4 pages of detailed explanations, scripture references, and a summary for understanding. Each session should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. You can use the scripture references for memorization and a more in-depth discussion.

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The Radical Book for Kids

This great book is intended for children ages 8-14. This book covers a large variety of topics, including How to Understand the Bible, God’s (Not So) Secret Mission, The Secret to Growing Up, How To Pray, and so much more! The topics are discussed in fun and exciting ways. Each section also includes scriptures and suggested reading for further exploration. This book will be sure to ignite curiosity in your children.

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The New City Chatechism

This book is a great resource for children of all ages. This book contains basic questions and answers that teach the core doctrines of faith. These questions and answers are ones that are used for memorization and recitation. Each question and answer includes a scripture reference for further study and understanding. Starting your children at a young age to be able to recite these truths helps to build a solid foundation.

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Cornerstones: 200 Questions and Answers to Learn Truth

This is a great book for all ages. Similar to catechisms, this book asks simple questions to guide your children to understand spiritual truths. Broken down into categories such as God, Creation, Sin, Jesus, Salvation, Discipleship, and more. The easy-to-understand formatt is engaging for all audiences. Each question and answer is paired with a scripture reference for further study and a deeper understanding.

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