Elder Team

Maricopa Springs Family Church is an Elder-led church. We strive to govern our church through a plurality of Elders.

Teaching Pastor: 

Grady Root, M.Div.

Grady is the Lead Preaching Elder of Maricopa Springs. He moved out here with his wife Leanne in 2009 to plant Maricopa Springs Family Church in the growing city of Maricopa. Grady and Leanne have four kids (Aiden, Karis, Soren, & Briley) and absolutely love living in Maricopa!   Grady is unashamedly obsessed with Jesus and has a heart for everyone in Maricopa to hear about His grace and love. He strives to lead a church where people sacrificially take up their cross to give their whole lives in service for the kingdom of God. 

John Wiltberger

John was originally born in Illinois, but moved to Mesa, Arizona when he was 13. He then moved to Maryland after college. John and his wife Kim moved to Maricopa in August of 2015. They moved to be closer to family and settle down to start a family of their own. John and Kim started attending Maricopa Springs in October 2015. They currently have a young daughter and a son.


William 'Gabe' Gabriel

Gabe came to Christ in 1971 and spent many years in ministry as an Ordained pastor in California. Gabe began his theological journey as Pentecostal and has over the years moved to a Reformed theological stance. He is an evangelist by God's gifting and his hearts desire is to see people come to faith in Christ. Gabe and his wife Connie have been attending Maricopa Springs Family Church since they moved to Arizona in 2017. Gabe serves the church body in many ways from early morning setup team, Men's bible study and discipleship, and hosting Gospel Talk every month. 


Leonard Ybarra

Leonard was born in Southern California and moved to Maricopa, Arizona in February 2008. Leonard is married to Kathryn Ybarra and they now have 2 amazing boys: Little Leonard and Evan. They started attending Maricopa Springs Family Church in 2018. Leonard has always loved music, studying it through High School and into College. He loves Jesus and keeps Jesus at the center of our worship.  Though it is important to our entire team to play and sing skillfully to the Lord, it is equally important that our hearts remain fixed on Him. Music is such a powerful way to declare the majesty of our God.  It is both a corporate expression of our love for Him when we gather together on Sunday mornings, and an intimate way to express our love for Him individually.