Here are several free resources to aid you in your Christian walk.

Spiritual Gifts Assessment  this is a tool that can aid you in discovering what ways God has uniquely gifted you to serve in the church.  Coupled with prayer and discussion with other believers, this may be a resource that assists you in getting to work serving Jesus and his Body.

The Gospel Coalition is a broad network of churches rooted in the historic Christian faith. This website provides hundreds of hours of audio, video, blogging, and links to many other solid growth resources.

9 Marks is a ministry aimed at the local church. This website will provide you with multiple tools for understanding the foundation of the local church. Many claim the name "church" but few actually follow the Bible for practice and teaching.

Desiring God is the teaching ministry of John Piper. You will find over 30 years of teaching on this website that will be sure to bless you in your walk.

Heart Cry Missionary Society is a Biblically rooted ministry focused on bringing the gospel to those who have yet to hear it. This is a great place to find updates on the advancement of the Kingdom around the world.

SBTS Online Library is a great place to search for Biblical topics of interest and growth. 

On Sanctification by Mike Riccardi

Lecture Series on Spiritual Formation by Dr. John Coe is another great place to find articles, mp3's & resources on the historic Christian faith.

Porn Again Christian: A Frank Discussion on Pornography and Masturbation by Mark Driscoll

Fight Porn In Your Church: What Works And Why It Matters by Luke Wilkerson