We exist to

Connect the gospel to people, people to community, and community to mission. As a local church we're helping people meet and follow Jesus for the glory of Christ. We're a gospel-focused ministry shaped by the historic Christian faith. Our hope is to see an ongoing gospel movement that fills Maricopa, Arizona, and the world with disciples of Jesus.

  • first importance

    The Gospel is of first importance at Maricopa Springs Family Church. The reason we make the Gospel first is because God has made it this way. The Gospel (good news) is that God became a man (Jesus) and was crucified for sinners, buried in a tomb for three days, and rose from the dead with eternal glory! Those who believe in this Gospel receive unsearchable riches from it. This Gospel is the only way to rescue sinful people like us and we focus all of our boasting on it. Historically the church has summed up the Gospel as faith alone, by grace alone, in Christ alone, passed along through scripture alone, for God's glory alone. 

  • our purpose and mission

    As a church our purpose and mission is the exaltation of Christ through the preaching of the gospel, loving one another, and manifesting good deeds among all people. God chose to save sinners by grace, through faith by his power alone. As a church we get to participate with God in his mission of establishing his sovereign Kingdom on earth. Until Jesus returns we eagerly wait for him and seek to tell others of his amazing grace and warn them of his coming wrath. Jesus is the source of all life, love, joy, peace, and contentment. We believe that fullness of life is only found in him (John 10). We want everyone to know Christ, and we want our church to be a place where you can learn to follow him and be changed by him.

  • our pastors

    God established his churches to have servant leaders. These men are known as pastors or elders and function to protect the church from false doctrine (teaching) by teaching the truth and setting an example with their lives. Pastors are men who follow the example of Jesus in their character. The pastors at Maricopa Springs Family Church are men who desire to serve the body with humility and genuine care. Pastors are also members of the church and therefore are not better than anyone else. We look forward to extending our care to you as you seek to make much of Christ.