Our Story

Maricopa Springs was started by a few families from the Midwest on Easter Sunday 2010. The dream was to build a church in Maricopa with the purpose of telling people about Jesus and helping them grow to know him more. It's been a crazy couple of years for the City of Maricopa and the families of our church, but God is good and we're still living out that dream.  We hope to be a church where people can develop real friendships, fall deeper in love with Jesus, impact their neighborhoods, and change the world one life at a time. We believe that God is active in the world today, transforming people's lives, and that there is nothing more exciting than being a part of what He's doing.  Our vision has always been to build a lasting church in Maricopa that has influence on the lives of people in this city for generations to come by making fully devoted disciples of Jesus. 

We invite you to come be a part of the next chapter in our story!