our elder team

John Wiltberger serves on our Elder Team in addition to Grady Root, our full-time teaching Elder.  Maricopa Springs Family Church is an Elder-led church.  We strive to govern our church through a plurality of Elders.

  • Grady Root

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Lead Pastor: 

Grady Root, M.Div.

Grady is the Lead Preaching Elder of Maricopa Springs. He moved out here with his wife Leanne in 2009 to plant Maricopa Springs Family Church in the growing city of Maricopa. He previously worked at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington Illinois for 6 years before moving to Maricopa. Grady and Leanne have four kids (Aiden, Karis, Soren, & Briley) and absolutely love living in Maricopa!   Grady is unashamedly obsessed with Jesus and has a heart for everyone in Maricopa to hear about His grace and love. He strives to lead a church where people sacrificially take up their cross to give their whole lives in service for the kingdom of God. 

Email:  grady@maricopasprings.com


John Wiltberger

John was originally born in Illinois, but moved to Mesa, Arizona when he was 13. He then moved to Maryland after college. John and his wife Kim moved to Maricopa in August of 2015. They moved to be closer to family and settle down to start a family of their own. John and Kim started attending Maricopa Springs in October 2015. They currently have a young daughter and a son.

Grady had asked John if he’d be interested in helping with the sound team some time back, because he is a technology guy. Although he didn’t have any experience with audio, he was excited to learn. John is a project manager for his full time employer, leading a technical team there, so it kind of fit well with being the tech team lead for Maricopa Springs.  John says that by no means is he the most skilled or knowledgeable audio person for Maricopa Springs, but that's why we're a team!

Email: john.w@maricopasprings.com

Children's Ministry Director:

Tricia Barbaglia

Originally from upstate New York, my family and I moved to Arizona in 2011. We came west seeking better job opportunities, great weather, and to spend time with family. My husband, Chris and I married in 2000 and we have two fantastic children, Macayla and Ethan. I have a degree in elementary education and I have spent my career (more than 20 years) working with children in a multitude of capacities, including: teacher, administrator, trainer, and mentor. I most recently worked for a non-profit organization in Phoenix, helping to improve the quality of childcare throughout Arizona. The Lord led us to Maricopa Springs in 2014 and I quickly became a dedicated volunteer in the Cove for three years. In 2017, the Lord called me to make ministering to children my full-time focus. I have dedicated my career to ensuring children are growing and developing with strong, healthy foundations. I believe that the love of Jesus is instrumental in their developmental foundation. I love helping children discover who Jesus is and find their purpose and identity in Christ. I am excited to be able to share my knowledge and experience with the families at MSFC and I thank you for your trust with your most precious gifts. I invite you to share your feedback as well as any suggestions you may have for the children’s ministry. I look forward to getting to know each of you and your children. 

Email: Tricia@maricopasprings.com  

Worship Leader: 

Leanne Root

Leanne was born in Iowa but was raised in Arizona. She has been in Maricopa since June 2009.

Leanne is married to our Lead Pastor Grady. They met in Chicago and decided to move to Maricopa when she and Grady were starting their family, in addition to feeling a need to start a church in the area. Both the nearness of family, the affordable housing and such a tight community of people were what drew them from Chicago to the growing city of Maricopa. They now have 4 children, Aiden, Karis, Soren and Briley. They started Maricopa Springs Family Church on 4/4/2010. Leanne has filled many roles other than Pastor’s wife for Maricopa Springs but most recently, in 2018 began her role as Worship Leader. She does it because she loves Jesus and He is the center of our worship.  Though it is important to our entire team to play and sing skillfully to the Lord, it is equally important that our hearts remain fixed on Him. Music is such a powerful way to declare the majesty of our God.  It is both a corporate expression of our love for Him when we gather together on Sunday mornings, and an intimate way to express our love for Him individually.


Facility Lead:

Aaron Foote

Aaron was born in Poughkeepsie, NY and spent his youth and young adulthood in different rural towns of upstate NY.  He married April in 2009, and they moved to Arizona in 2010,  eventually finding their way to Maricopa.  Aaron and April began attending MSFC in 2014.  Today, Aaron leads the crew that sets up and tears down before and after each service, as well as completes various blue-collar type projects.  He is grateful for his time serving here, and has grown in his love for Jesus while serving.  Aaron lives in Hidden Valley with his wife April.

Email: Aaron@maricopasprings.com

Technical Director:

Brian Duke

Brian was born and raised in Central Illinois and moved to Arizona in February 2014 for work. He and his family have been coming to Maricopa Springs since 2016. Brian has a degree in Spanish and spent time in Spain studying and as a missionary with the Navigators. Since he returned, he settled down and started a career in insurance. He met his wife Sarah in 2009 in England and they were married in July, 2010. They have two children, Owen and Eryn, who both love Jesus. 


Brian joined the audio team just after he began attending MSFC. He used to work part time at a Christian radio station and has been a "sound guy" at church ever since. He loves Jesus, baseball & traveling. He can often be found at the sound table discussing the finer points of Reformed Theology and how the designated hitter rule has ruined baseball. 


Email: brian@maricopasprings.com

Financial Secretary/Treasurer:

Kathryn Ybarra

Kathryn was born and raised in Lakewood, California. Leonard, her husband, and Kathryn moved to Maricopa as newlyweds in February 2008. They have two amazing boys, Leonard and Evan. Kathryn is a Registered Nurse who works full time at Banner Health. Kathryn and Leonard began attending Maricopa Springs Family Church in April 2018 and became members in February 2019. Jesus is Kathryn’s King, Savior and Friend. She loves spending time in prayer with Jesus and learning more about him through studying the bible. Jesus is Kathryn’s source of joy and love, which she loves spreading everywhere she goes. 

Email: Kathryn@maricopasprings.com

Youth Ministry Director:

David Ohnemus

David loves the state of Arizona, and is an avid Cardinals fan (with all of the heartbreak that that entails). David also is an avid reader, sports addict, and Star Wars fan. 

Most importantly, David is obsessed with Jesus of Nazareth, and loves to read and learn new things about the Bible. David is married to a beautiful woman named Amber, and together they have a baby girl named Arabella. David has a strong passion to see Jesus’ kingdom vision become true on earth as it is in heaven.

Email: Davidnathanielohnemus@gmail.com